DUI Deaths

What do you mean by DUI deaths?

It has been observed that the alcohol-related traffic death rates have increased in seventeen states during last five years.

A state wise report released by the US department of transportation's national highway traffic safety administration depicts the level of alcohol-related fatalities occurring in the traffic crashes in states from 1982-2002 and down to the county level for 2002.

According to the survey made by department of state transportation of Pennsylvania it was found that five-hundred and ten people died due to alcohol-related accidents and ninety percent of the alcohol-related occupant deaths occurred in the motor-vehicle driven by the drunk driver that consisted of seventy percent of drinking drivers themselves.

Let us provide general information related with the deaths occurring due to violation of DUI laws in a tabular form.

Victims of alcohol-related fatal crashes

Persons involved Deaths
Drivers 357
Drinking Drivers 325(91 %)
Non-Drinking Drivers 32(9%)
Passengers 108
Passengers with Drinking Driver 95(88%)
Passengers with Non-Drinking Drivers 13(12 %)
Pedestrians 42
Drinking Pedestrians 31(73.8 %)
Non-Drinking Pedestrians 11(26.2 %)
Total Deaths 510

Over one-third of the deaths are caused due to the traffic accidents involving the violation of DUI laws .In short these deaths are caused by the individuals driving under the influence of alcohol on the roadway. The state of Texas in USA has the highest number of alcohol-related deaths caused due to motor –vehicular accidents and South Carolina has the highest percentage of road deaths caused due to violation of DUI laws or due to consumption of alcohol while driving the motor-vehicle. The percent of deaths caused due to driving under influence of alcohol by the individuals is fifty percent.

In fact, over a quarter of a million people staying in United States of America have died in the alcohol-related accidents over a past decade. On an average the number of people dying due to alcohol-related road accidents have decreased in thirty states of USA but it has also been observed that there is a great increase in the proportion of the alcohol-related accidental deaths occurring in rest of the seventeen states of USA.Thus the ratio of the occurrence of accidental-related deaths to deaths caused by the alcohol-related accidents is evenly balanced. Also as per the statistical data the individuals between the age group of eighteen and twenty-four are at the high risk and have more chances of succumbing to accidental deaths due to alcohol as it is observed that there is an increase in the proportion of youngsters (between the age group ranging from eighteen years to twenty-four years) consuming alcohol and then going for a drive more than persons belonging to the age-group above the 18-24 year range in USA.

Thus one must know the exact figure of deaths caused due to intake or consumption of alcohol while or before driving that results in the DUI deaths. This figure would help the each and every state government in USA to take effective measures like creating social awareness among the youngsters as well as the persons drinking alcohol. It will educate them about the ill-effects as well as the fatal consequences that they would suffer after heavy intake of alcohol.

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