DUI Laws in Germany

If any person is arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs in Germany, he/she is in deep trouble. Though drinking alcohol after 16 years of age is legal in Germany, DUI laws in Germany are stricter than DUI laws in USA.

In Germany, if an accused of DUI offence is having a BAC (Blood Alcohol Count) level of 0.08% or more when no accident is involved and BAC level 0.05% or more when accident is involved, the accused is deemed as guilty of DUI offence. BAC level in the blood of accused is determined with the help of blood test in Germany. The punishment is sentenced to the offender accordingly. If the BAC level in the blood of offender is more than1.1% whilst driving, or having control of a vehicle, then he/she is sent for the psychological examination. If a person fails in this test, he/she loses a driving licence for not less than 2 years. Then after 2 years, he/she needs to pass an examination to get his/her driving licence back.

When a person gets arrested in Germany, his/her car is confiscated immediately by the police, and sold in the market. The funds received from the sale of vehicle of an offender are sent to victim's fund. Hence, if arrested under DUI in Germany, an offender loses his/her vehicle right away. In that case, police drop the accused home.

When a person is arrested for DUI offence in Germany, he/she loses his/her driving licence immediately, because after DUI arrest in Germany, Police officer suspends the driving licence of the accused straight away. The driving licence of an offender in DUI offence, if charged for DUI offence, is suspended for a minimum of 6 months, although it is 1st DUI offence of the offender. In Germany, obtaining driving licence is a very strict, lengthy and costly process. Besides, one needs to replace his/her driving licence after 20 years from the date of issue with a European driver's licence. Hence, one need not afford to drive under the influence in Germany.

There are strict fines and imprisonment prescribed for DUI offence in Germany. Fines can range from a minimum of $800 to a maximum of $2000. An offender has an option to admit his/her offence, and pay the fines prescribed, and do not face imprisonment. In Germany, if it is 1st DUI offence, the offender has a choice to either face imprisonment or to pay fines. However, in case of 2nd DUI offence in Germany, the offender has to face imprisonment. If any person is arrested for DUI offence in Germany, it is a permanent record of DUI offence on his/her name.

DUI laws in Germany are strict, and they are stricter for foreigners. If a military man of USA is caught drunk driving in Germany, he/she faces DUI penalties as per German DUI, as well as loses the rank in the military. If a civilian in USA is caught drunk driving in Germany, he/she faces DUI penalties as per German DUI and also loses his/her job.

In Germany, offender in DUI case has a right to attorney. Hence, if you are caught for drunk driving in Germany, you need to contact the expert attorney immediately because attorney may help you save yourself from paying harsh fines or serving strict imprisonment.

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