How long does a DUI stay on your record?

If an individual is convicted of DUI law violation, he/she may be wondering how long it stays on one's personal record. First of all, DUI is a serious violation of traffic laws with serious consequences. The DUI laws are becoming stricter each year. DUI Laws are constantly revised in USA every year due to a rapid increase in the rate of accidents caused due to violation of DUI laws in USA. But common people are not aware of these changes in DUI laws. Most of the people in US have a misconception regarding number of years a DUI stays on the record of an individual. This is because these persons are misinformed about the topic. DUI is treated as a criminal offense in all fifty states in US. Criminal convicts must be made public and therefore can be accessed by employers, educational institutions, law enforcement agencies, lenders, landlords and anyone else who wants to perform a background check of the individual for DUI conviction.

Many people believe that a DUI conviction stays on an individual's record like ten years and then falls off after a certain period of time. However, that's not the case. Since DUI conviction is a criminal conviction, it remains on one's record life long. Besides, due to the change in the DUI law a year back, now the states goes back as far as ten years to use prior DUI's for enhancing your case penalties. Even though, one's driving under influence doesn't remain away from one's criminal record, one can still request the court to remove it.

Once an individual has been convicted of a DUI, you may dread having to show your DUI record to anyone who requests your driving record. It can make life difficult when you're applying for a job that requires a driving record check or when you're trying to get a new car insurance policy.

A DUI Can stay on one's record indefinitely

While many people believe that a DUI record will automatically fall off of a driving record after a specific amount of time, that's simply not true. Many states have laws that will keep a DUI record on your driving record for a specific number of years. However, you may have a DUI record remain on your driving record indefinitely. If you were convicted of a DUI a few years ago it is important to check your driving record to see if your DUI record is still showing up on your driving record.

Getting Your DUI Record Expunged

You may be able to have a DUI record expunged from your driving record depending on the state laws where you live. In order to do remove a DUI record, you'll need to speak with the Department of Motor Vehicles where you live to find out how to remove the DUI record. If you're having trouble navigating the system, you may want to hire an attorney to help clean up your DUI record. An experienced DUI attorney will know how best to help you achieve your goal of a clean driving record free from DUI records.

Playing the waiting Game

In some cases, your DUI record will be less harmful for you as years go by. For example, many employers will request a three-year driving record. If your DUI record falls before the three-year period, your potential employer won't see it. However, some employers will ask for longer windows of time that will cause your DUI record to be revealed.

Checking Your Driving Record

If you're not sure what your driving record says about your DUI record, you should order a copy of your driving record and find out. One must check with one's local department of motor vehicles to find out how to order one's driving record or one can order a copy of one's driving record there. It will list any traffic violations, including an individual's DUI record.

In most cases you can go to the DMV, fill out a short form, show proof of your identification, and receive your driving record on the same day. Ordering a driving record would also usually cost a small fee - but it's worth being able to see an individual's DUI record information.

When one actually sees a DUI record, one can make a more informed decision about how to proceed. One may find that he/she only needs to do a small amount of paperwork to have his/her DUI record cleared. In other cases one may have to seek legal advice to get the DUI record off of his/her driving record.

Thus each and every individual who is staying in USA must know as to how long does a DUI stay on your record in Each and every state of USA.

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