DUI 4m (pronounced as DUI forum) is a one stop place for advice and your queries about DUI. We are here to provide you all accurate and legit information about what you should do if you get into a DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol) trouble.

Some of the topics which are covered on this websites are about DUI checkpoints, DUI attorney & lawyers (how to choose a right one) and what to do in case of DUI arrest.

DUI Advice

Here are the topics in detail:
  • DUI Definition - What exactly DUI is? Does every drunk driving case comes under DUI?
  • DUI Laws - Learn about the various DUI laws in various states.
  • DUI Arrest - What to do if you are arrested in DUI situation.
  • DUI Rights - What are your rights when arrested for DUI.
  • DUI Charges - What are the charges put on you.
  • DUI Lawyer / DUI Attorney - How to find a good DUI defence attorney or lawyer?
  • DUI and License - Can your license be revoked? What about the points on it?
  • DUI Penalties - What kind of penalties can it attract?
  • DUI Felony - Is DUI a falony? When does it become falony?
  • 1st DUI - Have you ever been caught for DUI offence?
  • Third DUI - Do you know what third DUI is, and what its consequences would be on life of the convict?
  • DUI Second Offense - What if you are caught second time while drunk and driving?
  • DUI Jail - Can you be jailed for it? Does it really happen?
  • DUI Consequences - What do you mean by DUI consequences?
  • DUI Checkpoints - What are DUI Checkpoints?
  • DUI Fines - What do you mean by DUI fines?
  • DUI Statistics - Stats about various DUI cases.
  • DUI vs DWI - Is there any difference in between DUI and DWI? Or is it the same thing.
  • DUI Effect on Employment - Effects of DUI on getting a new job.
  • DUI Breathalyzer - How the breathalyzer works? Can you beat it?

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